Smart balancing solutions for horticulture

Reduce your greenhouse energy costs

Maximize your operations with sustainable and innovative energy solutions

The challenge

  • Greenhouses face high energy costs associated with powering the necessary heating and lighting for plants, which significantly impacts profitability.

Our solutions

  • Leveraging our expertise and proprietary technology, we enable horticulture to reduce energy consumption and expenses while maintaining optimal growing conditions.
Use Cases

Upgrade your flexibility

We automatically adapt and react to market conditions, freeing you up to focus on your plants. With our smart solutions, say goodbye to the risks of relying on a single energy asset and hello to greater peace of mind and productivity.
Business challenge
Solution delivered
Impact created
Turn Key Solutions
Fragmented processes cause lack of accountability, coordination and speed
Single point of contact with a dedicated account manager covering entire scope (from a to z).
Less time spent on dealing with multiple parties and more time spend on growing plants
Maximize transmission capacity
Current balancing solutions support existing energy assets and don’t offer solutions for unused transmission capacity
Unparalleled expertise in the value chain, balancing markets and greenhouse operations & energy management
Increase balancing revenues and drive down costs
Codified Electrification
The government will push for new green heating standard by law
Flexible characteristics of the pool maximize the e-boilers heating potential
Participate in balancing markets while maximizing the true purpose of the E-boiler