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What is energy balancing?
Businesses can earn extra revenue from their energy assets by adjusting electricity consumption or production to help the grid find balance whenever there is too much or too little.

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What are the requirements for energy balancing?
Energy balancing requirements are broad and depend on core business requirements and the various balancing markets. Contact us to help you find the perfect fit for your requirements.
Do I need to switch from my current energy providers to work with GSB?
No! There is no disruption to your existing agreements. We are an independent balancing provider and can work with your current energy providers using an MLOEA sub-connection.
What are the advantages of working with GSB?
The advantages start with our turnkey end-to-end solutions, which enable you to focus on your main business while leaving us the heavy lifting! Moreover, our proprietary technology allows us to deliver better results tailor-made to your needs. Our team is eager to create value for you and will work with you as a partner to solve any challenge and develop your balancing opportunities to their full potential.
How much earnings can I make working with GSB?
Balancing earnings are significant and continue growing with new renewable energy production rollout. Depending on various factors, gross revenues range from 50-400 EUR / per MW.
How often will my energy assets be switched off?
This is up to you to determine and depends on the value of keeping them on! The yearly average is 20 times for less than 15 minutes.

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