Data Centers

Smart balancing solutions for computing

Reduce your data centers energy costs

Optimize energy consumption without disrupting critical operations

The challenge

  • Data centers require high energy consumption and have restricted balancing flexibility due to uptime and redundancy requirements.

Our solutions

  • Our proprietary technology and expertise enables us to leverage the flexibility of emergency energy supply, cooling, and ventilation, to help data centres create value from under-utilised energy assets without disrupting core computing operations.
Use Cases

Upgrade your flexibility

We seamlessly integrate our tailored solutions with your computing operations to increase your energy efficiency using your demand flexibility
Business challenge
Solution delivered
Impact created
Optimise contract capacity
Data centers have large reserves of unused transmission and redundant it capacity
Smart Balancers serve as  purpose-built assets for balancing independent from your IT capacity unaffecting your uptime
Participate in balancing markets while not using your IT capacity enabling the energy transition and improving your bottom line
Capex inefficiency
Large CAPEX investments into transmission capacity are slow to recover
Optimise tranmission capacity by allocating non-used capacity to the balancing markets with purpose built systems
Allocating the depreciation of transmission capacity over multiple revenu generating activities increases ROI
Turn key solutions
Load balancing is not a core activity of the data center
Turnkey management from installing the hardware to operating it
Generating additional revenue while maintaining focus